About Us


Founded in 1998, Ocean Global is a family-owned business located in New Delhi, India. Through 21 years of growth, we have developed products that can be used worldwide for the development of our future, while still preserving the environment. All of this would not be possible of course, without the leadership of our founder Vijay Goel, who now oversees business operations as a managing director. Mr. Goel has won several awards for his guidance and expertise and has become renowned as a pioneer of the geosynthetics industry. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest quality standards during our manufacturing and production processes while delivering customer orders on time. Ocean Global has established a modern and advanced process throughout our company, separating each of our activities into dedicated units. Each of those units is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to maintain efficiency in every operation. These units include a manufacturing unit, quality control department, a research and development wing, and an administrative department to ensure we can anticipate as well as meet the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

At Ocean Global, our mission is to tackle important global issues such as soil erosion, air pollution, water shortages, waste management etc through the use of our products. We strive to deliver quality geosynthetics that not only aid in the use of financial resources but also to preserve our natural resources. We deliver quality products to our customers while following our values of trust, transparency, and quality.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide a wide range of innovative engineering solutions in the

Geosynthetic field to do our part in protecting infrastructures, as well as our

environment. We aim to improve the many development industries and their potential

environmental harm by offering sustainable, reliable and environmentally safe


Contact us

For any questions or concerns, or for more information, please contact us on:

Website: www.oceanglobal.co

Email: sales@oceanglobal.co

Phone : +91 1145120291

Mobile No. : 918447226007

Mailing Address: RR-24, 2 nd Floor,

Mianwali Nagar, Main

Rohtak Road, New Delhi -110087