Drainage cells are popular water drainage solution with a wide range of

applications. Made from recycled polypropylene, their primary purpose is to allow

water to flow evenly and prevent the stagnation of water beneath the surface.

These drain cells are quickly becoming a preferred choice by consumers when it

comes to subsurface drainage solutions, such as landscaping pavers.

Green roof applications


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Sports field drainage


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Retaining wall drainage


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Drainage Cells Information


The drain cells are known to be extremely light and yet, very strong, due to being made of recycled polypropylene. They facilitate water drainage and ventilation, as well as water storage and environmental protection. Additional features of drainage cells are that they provide a good level of heat insulation, are available at a low price, and can be installed quickly and easily.


Drainage cells are highly capable of effectively relieving significant hydrostatic pressure in the ground, which prevents waterlogging and directs excess water to a storage tank or soakaway. They’re resistant to various forms of biological

damage, as well as a variety of chemicals that can be found within the soil. Additionally, they cover over 80% of the total permeable surface area.


When the drainage cells are vertically installed and carefully wrapped in a geotextile membrane, they form a fin drain with incredibly high water-flow

capabilities. On the other hand, when laid flat, they create a horizontal drainage system of landscaping pavers, which is perfect for rooftop gardens, podiums and planters.



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