Ocean geonet

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A geonet is a geosynthetic material created using interconnecting layers of ribs, similar in shape to a geogrid. Geonets and geocomposites of this nature are designed to facilitate the drainage of liquids or gases within geotechnical structures, through the plane of their ribbed structure.  They are aggressive with different drainage geocomposites having specific middle configurations. 




Polyethylene Resin

Polyethylene Resin

Polyethylene Resin

Geonets are made from polyethylene resin, with varying density levels according to the rigidity required for the specific application of the net. They are supplied in rolls of different lengths and widths, and are constructed by layering rolls upon

each other at various angles to create the netting pattern, then secured using plastic electrical ties, threaded loops, and wires.



Polyethylene Resin

Polyethylene Resin

Geonets and geocomposites used in many different applications requiring the drainage or collection of gas and liquids, specifically leachates (the liquid that drains from a landfill) and the filtration of sediments that are contained within

these liquids.



Polyethylene Resin


Geonets tend to provide a high flow-rate capability, and are easy to construct and install. They also facilitate savings in airspace, as well as overall economic benefits in many applications whereby drainage is required.


Geonets and geocomposites of this type are widely used in applications requiring drainage and collection of gas and liquids. 

Common applications include:

  • Drainage within mining environment
  • Landfill leaching
  • Erosion control and protection
  • Drainage layers
  • Water drainage behind retaining walls
  • Water drainage of scree rock slopes
  • Water drainage beneath sport fields
  • Water drainage of frost-susceptible soils
  • Water drainage beneath building foundations
  • Water drainage of plaza decks
  • Leachate drainage within landfill side slopes
  • Leachate drainage above landfill liners
  • Surface water drainage within landfill caps
  • Drainage blankets beneath surcharge fills or loads