ocean Geopipes

Ocean geopipes are perforated pipes made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and wrapped in geotextiles. They are used in the engineering of man-made systems and structures, within foundations and subsurface materials such as rock, soil and earth. Ocean geopipes play a crucial role in a wide range of engineering processes, including gas and water distribution, sewage and wastewater systems, gas and oil production, mining, irrigation and duct systems, and power and communications.


Geopipes Introduction


Ocean geopipes are PVC perforated pipes that are light, flexible and extremely

durable, making the installation process quick and easy. They are usually long,

have a high level of structural integrity and strength, and are highly resistant to


The geopipes are also chemically inert, meaning that they generally don’t react to other substances. This promotes safety and stability due to lower risk of



Ocean geopipes are extremely easy to handle, and as such, can be installed in a

short timeframe. The external load capabilities of these water logging pipes are

also a huge benefit - naturally, the structural strength of any product or material is an important consideration when undertaking any civil project.

Other advantages include flexibility, efficiency in drainage, high discharge capacity and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, they are highly effective in preventing waterlogging caused by soil seepage.



Ocean geopipes have revolutionized drainage systems and are one of the most

widely used products in transportation, geotechnical, and environmental

engineering. On top of these benefits, ocean geopipes also have a vital role to play in the sustainable development of the community, due to their environmental safety and ecological efficiency. For this reason, the geosynthetics community will be actively involved in specifying, designing, and testing a massive volume of these products.

Waterlogging pipes

 Common applications of these waterlogging pipes include:

  • retaining structures
  • airport runways
  • landscaping
  • construction sites
  • commercial and residential building foundations
  • road edge subsoil
  • sports and recreational fields and parks
  • landfills
  • agriculture
  • mining

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