Ocean Solar Water Pump

Ocean Solar Water Pumps are an extremely cost effective method of transporting water, with a wide range of applications. They’re also environmentally friendly, due to running entirely on the natural energy provided by sunlight. A common belief surrounding solar energy powered technology is that they are solely preferred for their environmental benefits. However, it’s important not to underestimate how cost-effective solar energy solutions can be. Ocean Solar Water Pumps are a perfect example. As the energy is derived directly from sunlight, the operational costs are incredibly low - especially when compared to most alternatives, such as generators and grid power. In addition, many countries allow the recuperation of purchase costs through technology certificates.



Crystalline Photovoltaic

Pumps are made from high efficiency crystalline

photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate power. This means that maintenance costs are also considerably reduced by the ability to replace individual panels when needed, without impacting the entire system.

Easy Transport & Relocate

The pumps are easy to transport and relocate, which makes them highly convenient for users who might wish to change the location of the pumps between seasons. They’re also ideal for use in remote areas without a reliable electricity supply.  Automatic pump controller with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology.

Tracker Functions

To compensate for periods with less sunlight, the Ocean Solar Water Pumps allow users to install either active or passive tracker functions which can shift the PV panels and facilitate the storage of energy throughout the day. Users can also choose to include an optional provision for remote monitoring. A wide range of energy requirements can be catered for, from 1HP through to 5HP.


Easy to Install & Operate

Ocean Solar Water Pumps are easy to install, operate and maintain. They attract no maintenance or day-to-day running costs and do not require an inverter, nor do they depend on grid power or external electricity sources. Additionally, the pumps make no noise and do not consume fuel, making them incredibly ecofriendly.

Sturdy and Robust

The construction of our Ocean Solar Water Pumps is sturdy and robust, providing for a long operating life and low levels of maintenance, as well as high levels of reliability and trouble-free performance. Government subsidies on the purchase of these pumps may also be available. Our solar water pumps are very high in quality. 


Ocean Solar Water Pumps help to ensure a steady supply of water to meet both domestic and agricultural needs in hot climates and during particularly dry summers. They offer different configurations according to the user’s requirements, including surface configurations or boreholes with either centrifugal displacement pumps or positive displacement pumps. While surface pumps are ideal for dams, creeks, tanks, and ponds, borehole pumps can also yield great results when used in tandem with solar panels.